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Principal program manager at Microsoft working on Bing, big data and machine learning. Technical, self-motivated, data-driven decision maker.

Skill set

Data mining and machine learning. Developer of data mining techniques for inferring patterns in vast data sets of content and user behavior to improve insight into search engine usage. User of machine learning techniques to enhance search engine result quality, relevance and freshness. Builder of diagnostic and analytics tools to improve optics into and experimentation with large data sets.

Development and system design. Multiple years of C# experience, data manipulation with UNIX tools, bash and PowerShell scripting. Architect of systems for high performance acquisition, processing and serving geographically at large scale. Inventor of three US patents: 20100131441, 20110246437, 20110179017.

Technical communication and global coordination. Author of technical specifications and requirements documents. Frequent presenter to both technical and non-technical audiences. Designer of systems for distributed infrastructure in a very large scale online service environment (200M+ users). Coordinator of software development teams distributed over multiple continents.

People and project management. Leader of program management teams. Driver of successful projects with high quality, predictable releases. Experienced in tracking project status and management of overall project schedules.

Technical writing. Author of the book Microsoft PowerShell: "Monad", published by O'Reilly & Associates in December 2005. ISBN 0-596-10009-4.


Principal Group Program Manager. Bing Local Search, Microsoft. Mar 2014-present. Responsible for the relevance of searches for hotels, restaurants, businesses and places on, Cortana, and Windows 10. Extended the query understanding and intent extraction capabilities for natural language searches. Designed the API for serving business and place data that enables other applications and services to benefit from the Bing knowledge graph.

Principal Program Manager Lead. Bing Maps, Microsoft. Jan 2012-Mar 2014. Improved the quality of map search on the Bing Maps website and Windows Maps app. Designed and implemented metrics to measure worldwide quality and identify areas needing focus. Led the team that refined geocoding accuracy, implemented search assistance features (query autocomplete and entity suggestions), and improved underlying map data quality.

Principal Program Manager Lead. Bing Web Search, Microsoft. Oct 2007-Jan 2012. Built systems that enabled data mining of very large scale data sources to improve relevance, quality and freshness of Bing algorithmic web results worldwide. Used machine learning techniques to improve search result ranking and query spell correction. Built flexible experimentation systems that allowed rapid algorithm exploration, refinement and measurement. Worked across Microsoft divisions to implement telemetry and instrumentation in Microsoft products that is used to improve search quality. From January through June 2010, fulfilled this role while based in the Microsoft Search Technology Center in Beijing, China.

Senior Program Manager Lead. MSDN, Microsoft. Mar 2003-Oct 2007. Led the program management team that built the MSDN and TechNet Publishing System, a database-driven content management and rendering platform using ASP.NET and SQL Server that hosts the millions of pages of technical documentation for Microsoft products.

Program Manager. .NET Framework, Microsoft. Nov 2001-Mar 2003. Built part of the Microsoft .NET Framework community web site - GotDotNet - and established the initial platform for corporate blogging at Microsoft.


B.A. Computer Science. Jesus College, Cambridge University, England. 1998-2001.